Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week Two: Reading schedule for compositions

Sunday, February 8th, 6pm
-----Week One: Habermas, Wolff, Blum
Monday, February 16, 630pm
-----Week Two: Weber, Gellner, Kohn
Monday, March 2, 630pm
Week Three: Colley, Chatterjee, and Stokes
Week Four: Hobsbawm&Ranger, Komaroff
(optional) Sunday, March 8, 6pm
-----Use this meeting to cover any issues, questions, spillover from previous weeks
Monday, March 30, 6pm
-----Week Five: Goldman, Cherniavsky, Hochs
Monday, April 6, 6pm
-----Week Six: Gatrell, Hirsch, Goldhagen (excerpts), and Koonz

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