Sunday, February 15, 2009

HY 592

About half the class is composed of teachers, I think I've mentioned that. I had hoped their input would be helpful, and to some extent it is. It reconfirms my dedication to never teach in public secondary education. Apparently, it is impossible to reconcile higher order critical thinking skills with middle and highs school students. Now, I remember doing it at Carroll, but I guess our richy-rich Blue ribbon school is an anomaly and I shouldn't base my expectations of high school students on my experiences at that school. I wouldn't mind teaching at a Quaker charter school. They seem to value service and learning.

Otherwise, the class is good. Dr. Devore is pretty cool and the readings are moderately interesting, but I wish the class was geared more towards college-level teaching. I want to create syllabi and learn how to refine my knowledge into lesson plans geared toward 100 & 200 level classes so that I can adequately adjunct in the coming year.

More on that later, I have to catch up the rest of this (and other) blogs.

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