Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week Two: Comps

This week we are reading Weber, Gellner, and Kohn. Guess how far behind I am? Too far. I'm reading Weber on the fricking internet because the schools copies are checked out and it was too late to order through amazon or ILL by the time I got around to it. I went ahead and ILL'd for Chatterjee, Colley, and.. whoever else is next.

Weber's thesis is fairly reminiscent of what we discussed in Dr. Mac's class. I wonder if I can find some a review or two that might help with him.

I'm going to call Michael about Gellner. I can't find that book for the life of me.

Pan-Slavism is much shorter and will be easier to scan on the computer than Weber but I'm not as familiar with the subject matter.

Oh how I miss Habermas, whose notes I'll be typing up sometime this week or so.

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